Lekker Lokaal Tas, a bag full of delicious wonders!

Local, sustainable, and healthy food..
all in ONE bag!

What is Lekker Lokaal Tas?

Lekker Lokaal Tas is a weekly subscription which provides you and your family with healthy, seasonal and local produced vegetables, plant-based proteins, mushrooms, cheese and eggs. By buying the Lekker Lokaal Tas, you will enjoy sustainable food in an easy way while, actively and effectively supporting a community of  inspiring local farmers and producers from Wageningen, Ede and Barneveld!

The Lekker Lokaal Tas works as a CSA (Community Based Agriculture). When buying this product you actually make it possible for the farmer to make investments and go on with its work! 

According to your preferences, Lekker Lokaal Tas, can be collected either in Ede at Stadsboerderij het Ketelhuis (near Ede-Wageningen station) or at the Green Office in Forum (Wageningen University).

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How does it work?

Choose your subscription

You can choose between  PETITE Tas (1-2 people) or FAMILY Tas (3-4 people). You can add eggs and cheese to your subscription for a small extra. 

Every week, you will get a nice amount of delicious, local and sustainable veggies, mushrooms and plant-based protein alternatives. 

Every week we will inform you about what you will find in the bag so that you know what do add to your groceries. 

Pick up your Lekker Lokaal Tas!

You will choose the starting date of your subscriptions, keeping in mind it has to start ar least 2 weeks after the payment is made. This will allow us to process your request and make sure we have all the products!

Based on your preferences you will pick up your bag:

  • every Thursday at the Green Office in Forum (Wageningen University)
  • every Friday (12.30-17.30) at Stadsboerderij het Ketelhuis (Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2D3, Ede) 

Flexible subscription

The Lekker Lokaal Tas is a subscription. In order to truly support our producers, we ask you to pay in advance, for one, three or six months. 

However, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any moment. This can be done by sending us an email 2 weeks in advance.

If you go on holidays, you should consider giving your Lekker Lokaal Tas to neighbours or friends.

Remember that thanks to your subscription you are supporting local farmers!


Bring your own bag

The first time, you get a subscription with us, you will receive a trendy and sturdy Lekker Lokaal Tas, bag. 

We ask you to bring that bag (or even another one) when picking up your weekly goodies.

We want to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible. If you forget… no worries! We will have some extra shoppers.

Get your bag!

We purchase from farmers and producers who are continuously investing in their businesses to become more sustainable and keeping producing wonderful and healthy foods. Good food doesn’t grow overnight. We want to support farmers’ time. 

Subscriptions consist of either a 1 month trial, 3 months or 6 months period.

You can choose for the PETITE bag (1-2 people) or the FAMILY  bag (3-4 people). Want to add eggs and cheese to your weekly subscription? You can add them to your subscription for a small extra. 

Every week, you will get a nice amount of delicious, local and sustainable veggies, mushrooms and plant-based meat replacers. 

You will receive a weekly newsletter where we inform you with the content of the bag and a recipe to try out! In this way you easily know what to add to your groceries list and what you can leave out!

Our producers

We partner with inspiring farmers and producers from Wageningen, Ede and Barneveld. They produce sustainably for our health and the health of our environment and soils.

Vallei Streek Groente (Barneveld)

Vallei Streek Groente, is an initiative set up by Barrie van Geresteijn to make fair food accessible to consumers in the region. Several farmers in Barneveld produce regional vegetables without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Vallei Streekgroente can supply seasonal vegetables from Barneveld almost all year round, if the variation is a bit less, Barrie buys vegetables from other responsible farmers in the Netherlands.

EET (Wageningen)

Edwin cultivates organic and sustainable vegetables for consumers in the region using intercropping system, just in Wageningen. You will find his vegetables from April to November!

Urban Funghi (Ede)

Urban Funghi grows the tastier mushrooms in the Ede region and just indoor! The assortment includes beautiful pink, yellow and gray oyster mushrooms but also delicious shiitake. Mushrooms are very good to diversify your diet as a protein rich meat alternative

Microgreens Holland (Ede)

Marijn grows microgreens from organic seeds and soil, without pesticides. These are  young seedlings with lots of healthy nutrients! A beautiful and healthy garnish for your dishes, but also a huge seasoning!

Been Bean (Wageningen)

Tom and Coco make unique tempeh from organic black beans, chickpeas and peas. With a little magic from Rhizopus Oligosporus (the fungus used in making tempeh) they transform these beans and peas into a delicious meat substitute with an umami flavour.

Wat in het vat zit (Wageningen)

Giel, from Wat in het Vat, makes all kinds of tasty plant-based, vegan meat substitutes. Including smoked seitan cubes, slices or burgers. He also makes burgers from beetroot, lupine, oyster mushroom and pumpkin. Depending on the season! Giel likes to share his passion. That is why he is always up for giving workshops.

De Hooilanden (Bennekom)

De Hooilanden is an organic farm run by Floor and Lodewijk. Their cows are treated with a lot of care and love, which you can taste in the delicious organic grass cheese.

Boederij van Steenbergen (Bennekom)

An histotic farm! The farm Van Steenbergen has been converted to organic since December 2014. In this farm chickens are kept outside and are fed with organic food.

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