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Classic Risotto with mushrooms

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For the third recipe of this blog I choose to stay traditional and I decided to share a Risotto with Mushrooms recipe. Risotto is a very classic Italian dish therefore, even if you might know it already.. maybe you can still improve your technique and be inspired by this recipe <3

Ingredients for 4 people: Preparation (20 min.) – Cooking (50 min.)


  • 500 g carnaroli rice
  • 2 onions or shallots
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 400 g of fresh mushrooms (even a mix of pink, grey and yellow oyster mushrooms is very very nice!)
  • 2 spoons of olive oil
  • 1 l of veggie broth
  • Half glass of white wine
  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh parsley
  • If you want you can use 2 spoons of nutritional yeast or crumbled cashew nuts on top 😉

Let’s cook!

First, cut the mushrooms in small pieces or wrip them apart with your hands.

Then fry in a wok the finely chopped shallots and make it become brownish. At this point add the rice and let it toast for a couple of minutes. Finally, start to add slowly the broth. Let it cook on a low fire.

When the rice is half cooked add the wine … and if necessary add more broth.

In another pan fry the garlic and then add the mushrooms. Remove the garlic and let cook the mushrooms for 10 minutes. Finally, add salt and pepper.

When ready add the mushrooms to the rice and stir them well. Then add the finely chopped parsley and the crumbled cashew nuts or nutritional yeast.

Enjoy with a nice glass of white wine!

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