Simple and Tasty mushrooms in the pan!

Here we are again sharing the 5th recipe of this blog. This time a very easy one: fried mushrooms in the pan. Mushrooms like this are perfect in combination with pasta, any sort of grain (couscous, spelt or burley), or just as they are as a side dish. This recipe is amazing because mushrooms are […]

Vegan Shawarma and homemade Pita bread. Celebrating abundance!

This is the fourth recipe I share with you .. and so far, also my favorite. Honestly, I did not really know what was Shawarma before starting producing my own mushrooms. So yes, I admit it. I know Shawarma just in its vegan version. But believe me, it is DELICIOUS with these mushrooms <3 Furthermore, you will find here […]

Classic Risotto with mushrooms

For the third recipe of this blog I choose to stay traditional and I decided to share a Risotto with Mushrooms recipe. Risotto is a very classic Italian dish therefore, even if you might know it already.. maybe you can still improve your technique and be inspired by this recipe <3 Ingredients: 500 g carnaroli […]

Delicious Lasagna with Pink oyster mushrooms

For the second recipe, I decided to share a vegan version of perhaps, the most traditional Italian dish of all: Lasagna! Thanks to the mushrooms in the recipe it is possible to actually reproduce a very realistic version of the very well-known, Lasagna with Ragù! Ingredients for 6 people: Preparation (40 min) – Cooking (45 […]

Vegan quiche with Oyster Mushrooms

This is finally the first recipe we share with you. First of many 😉 This savory pie does not just look beautiful but it will surprise you for the richness of its taste <3 Ingredients for 4 people: Preparation (30 min + 30 min of rest) – Cooking (40 min) Ingredients for the vegan dough […]

The Growing rooms are READY

We cannot really express how happy and excited we are at this moment. The two growing rooms are ready! This means that we are now ready to welcome the bags containing the inoculated straw which will serve as food and substrate for our delicious mushrooms! In order to produce the wonderfully tasty “fruit” we eat, […]

We have a logo!

After weeks of brainstorming and trials, we managed to come out with Urban Funghi’s perfect logo! The logo is basically telling who we are.. an Urban Mushroom Farm! Our delicious mushrooms are found in a circular relation with the city where they are farmed and from where are distributed locally. We love how our logo […]