A Mushy Welcome by Urban Funghi!

Urban Funghi is an Urban Mushroom Farm located in Roots Innovation Hub at the World Food Center (former Mauritskazerne) in Ede. Just behind Ede-Wageningen train station!

An Urban Farm is a productive place located in the urban landscape which is able to produce food.

Urban Funghi produces a variety of mushrooms on organic straw and is able to reduce the use of energy and emissions thanks to its low tech set up.

Urban Funghi is a small farm that aims at delivering a tasty, fresh and diverse assortment of mushrooms locally.

Urban Funghi supplies to:

  • Restaurants that care about where they source their raw ingredients from
  • Local and organic shops that want to support local small producers
  • Group of consumers aware of the impact of the food chain on the environment and willing to support their local economy and small producers


Urban Funghi was created from the great desire to become responsible farmers in a competitive farming country as the Netherlands.

With responsible farmers we intend that the farm we envisioned had to be based on the following principles:


As passionate about fresh and local food, we are perfectly aware that the majority of the food we consume has traveled long distances before reaching our plates. This is causing many emissions due to transportations but what is worst is that the food that we eat loses the majority of its nutrients and benefic properties during the travel. This is why we believe that fresh is nowadays one of the most important quality.

At Urban Funghi we can guarantee the delivery of daily harvested mushrooms thanks to our small scale and our local distribution focus.

Our mushrooms are carefully followed during all their growth guaranteeing that growing conditions are always optimal as well as the right hygiene of the production space. Finally, mushrooms are picked by hand at the perfect timing which ensures the perfect texture of the mushroom’s flesh and a daily, incredibly fresh and healthy product!

This results in a product that keeps all its quality, taste, and health benefitting properties intact. Our mushrooms want to be a guarantee of freshness and perfect structure, for preparing delicious gourmet and day-to-day meals.


At Urban Funghi we believe that food production can be done sustainably. We are glad to say that there are already several positive examples of sustainable farming over lands like the “regenerative agriculture” or the “bio-intensive agriculture” which are all based on permaculture designing principles.

However, we wanted to show how farming can be done sustainably and without using farming land in the urban environment!

At Urban Funghi we have taken the challenge to use temporarily abandoned urban spaces that are waiting to be demolished or repurposed. Thanks to our modular design the fruiting rooms can be re-arranged in any type of available space and surface. Making it possible for us to make use of the urban space available at the moment. Urban farming can play an important role in decreasing the pressure of food production on agricultural and forested lands.

Food production localized in urban areas has the power to repurpose and give new value and life unused spaces found in the urban landscapes. At the same time, Smart Urban Food Production provides accessible, safe, and fresh food to the local urban communities. As a result, we can create cities that are more resilient and that have a lower impact on the surrounding land and soils as well as overseas.


At Urban Funghi we believe in local production. Local production has the power to reconnect the producers to the consumers who can see with their eyes how something is produced and by whom. Local production allows for a product to reach the consumer without traveling an unbelievable amount of hours and kilometers.

Finally, local production allows small realities to exist and to be supported by consumers that make environmental and quality-based choices.

We believe consumers and local producers have to be empowered again in order to guarantee sustainable food production in the long term. Additionally, we need to re-create human communities based on trust and recognition in order to face the uncertain future resiliently.

At Urban Funghi we want to re-connect with local businesses and consumers by having direct relationships. We want to know our customers and to be known. This is why it is possible to come and pick the mushrooms directly at our farm or we personally delivered them to our customers via the Saturday market in Wageningen or via our delivery service.


Mushrooms need very specific environmnetal conditions to grow. As we can see in spring and autumn, mushrooms need average temperatures and lot of humidity to pop out from their nests under ground.

This is what we have done at Urban Funghi. We have designed and created two sealed growing rooms where the environmental conditions can be controlled in order to provide the best combination of temperature and humidity for the growth and development of the mushrooms.

Furthermore, we have done that by trying to reduce at the minimum the need for energy and resources; we did it LOW TECH!

We did so by:

  • Not using any heating or cooling system and using seasonal mushroom strains
  • Smart ventilation and humidification system which runs for the strictly needed amount of time
  • Using a minimum amount of water, less than 30 l in 2 weeks


Passionate about food, passionate about farming, passionate about Urban Farming!

Alessia was born in Prague and raised in Rome and afterward has moved to a number of Italian cities as Florence, Bologna and Viterbo. It is then, possible to conclude that cities have been her playground and growing environment. Despite that, she falls in love with nature and especially sustainable farming during her studies. Urban Funghi is her attempt to combine her urban background with sustainable farming and to provide a fresh and local product to an empowered consumer community!

Sebastian was born in Breda and after quite some traveling around the world found himself back in the Netherlands and specifically, in Wageningen to study sustainable development. Despite his interest in social matters and economy what really passionate Sebastian is to have his hands-on, to plan and to build. Sebastian has a true love for tools, wood, and whatever that can be shaped and arranged together; this is why he became a carpenter: to live the life he loves and to CREATE. Urban Funghi is, therefore, a creative playground where to plan new spaces and make practical things happen!