Locally produced mushrooms... you mush explore our catalog here!

Why Urban?

Many mushrooms species can be produced indoors, so why not grow this food close to our consumers in urban areas?

Our cities hold the potential for food revolution—bringing production closer to consumption, minimizing carbon footprints, and revitalizing communities. 

Shorter delivery routes means fresher food and fewer emissions. We engage with our communities whether it be through innovative uses of ours and their waste, partnerships, research opportunities, or hosting workshops to share with our neighbors from where our food is coming, the biology of fungi and our materials and technology.

Why Funghi?

We find mushrooms an interesting crop to grow indoors, in our controlled growing environments. They have a fast growth cycle, and a short shelf life, a fun puzzle for our production technology and business.

They are also an amazingly healthy food. Rich in proteins, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins (as B and D complex groups), and low in fat,  mushrooms have been shown to reduce blood pressure and empower the body’s immune system.

Food production has a major impact on soil degradation, species and habitat loss, and our cities and towns hold the potential for a food revolution. We have produced in start-up hubs, abandoned buildings, renovated garages, and industrial areas, always giving our waste back to local farmers.

We only work with an organic straw-based substrate without the use of chemicals. This makes our final product completely safe, fresh and local.

Join us in shaping a greener, healthier urban landscape!

Local is Good!

Nowadays, food travels far distances from “field” to “plate”. We often don’t know from where our food comes nor who produces it. We want to be engaged in our local community. We want to know our customers and to be known by them. We believe human communities need to be empowered once again. 

As part of StreekWaar, we connect to our final consumers by being at the Saturday market every Saturday and by engaging with our community.