Locally grown delicious mushrooms daily delivered to our community of local shops, restaurants and consumers.

Our Products

We grow a variety of Oyster Mushrooms which are characterized by many different shapes and colors! The mushrooms are produced in Ede and delivered locally to Ede, Wageningen and the surroundings.

Summer Oyster Mushroom From Beneath

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We currently have Grey oyster mushrooms for sale!!

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Our Principles

Fresh is the best quality

Mushroom have a short life shelf. This means that very soon they start to loose their nutritional proprieties and their characteristic texture. We want to provide fresh and high quality mushrooms to the local community which is daily delivered to the houses and kitchens.

Let’s farm the cities

Food production has a major impact on soil degradation, species and habitat loss. We want to produce mushrooms in the urban landscape by growing indoor, in abandoned buildings. In this way we can reduce the amount of land used for producing food while producing next to the final consumers.

Local is good

Food is nowadays travelling crazy distances from “field” to “plate”. Consumers no longer know where their food come from and who is producing it. We want to be engaged in our local community. We want to know our customers and want to be known by them. We believe human communities needs to be empowered once again.

Who is behind Urban Funghi

Picture credit to Marte Hofsteenge

We are passionate about food, passionate about farming and passionate about environment!



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