Locally produced mushrooms..

Why Urban and Why Funghi?

Mushrooms are amazing and very healthy. Mushrooms can be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and anyone who is looking to upgrade their plant diet!

They are low in fat but very rich in proteins, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins (as B and D complex groups). Mushrooms have been shown to reduce blood pressure and empower the body’s immune system!

Mushrooms can be produced indoors in Urban areas. Thus, providing a fresh, local product just close to the final consumers!

Fresh, The Best!

Mushrooms have a short life shelf. This means that very soon they start to lose their nutritional proprieties and their characteristic texture. 

We want to provide fresh and high-quality mushrooms to our local community by delivering fresh and healthy mushrooms which are picked by hand every day!

Food production has a major impact on soil degradation, species and habitat loss. We want to produce mushrooms in the urban landscape by growing indoors, in abandoned buildings. In this way, we can reduce the amount of land used for producing food while producing next to the final consumers.

Local is Good!

Food is nowadays travelling crazy distances from “field” to “plate”. Consumers no longer know where their food comes from and who is producing it. We want to be engaged in our local community. We want to know our customers and want to be known by them. We believe human communities need to be empowered once again. 

As part of StreekWaar, we are able to connect to our final consumers by being at the Saturday market every Saturday and by engaging with our community.

Alessia: Alessia was born in Prague and raised in Rome. Despite coming from a city environment, she falls in love with nature and especially sustainable farming during her studies. Urban Funghi is her way to combine her urban background with sustainable farming and to provide a fresh and local product to an empowered consumer community!

Sebastian: Sebastian was born in Breda and after quite some travelling around the world found himself in Wageningen to study sustainable development. Despite his interest in social matters, what really makes Sebastian’s eyes shine, is having his hands-on, plan and build and this is why he became a carpenter. Urban Funghi is, therefore, a creative playground where to plan new spaces and make wonderful things happen!